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New Membership Just $29.95 per Year
Renewal Membership $19.95 per Year

There are three membership levels:

(1) (BASIC MEMBERSHIP) listed at the bottom of your state web page

(2) (PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP) listed in both the top and the bottom state page sections

(3) (BUSINESS CARD) at very top of State page plus
Top and bottom placements - 
(See IL for example)

For New or Renewed Basic Membership
(listed on lower part of your state page)

Become a part of the Christmas Tree Farm Network by listing your farm on our site. Your initial membership (first year) is ONLY $29.95 per listing,
$19.95 for additional years
(subject to rate changes).

  • Choose to be listed on either our Retail or Wholesale directory.
  • Additional listings are $29.95 each for the first year.

It's simple to join! Just click the link above for online form

New or Renew Premium Membership

(listed on Top & Bottom part of your state page)


Business Card

Place your business card at the very top on of the State page
(retail or wholesale). Select the State(s) you wish to advertise in. 

(See IL for example)


Christmas Tree Farm Network

Christmas Tree Farm Network